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Trauma Care

Throughout the years, research has shown that trauma is often a major contributor to the development of addiction and mental health conditions.

Unresolved trauma can both cause and complicate these issues. As addiction or mental health conditions worsen due to trauma, you or your loved one will be more vulnerable to additional trauma.

To unravel addiction and effectively treat mental health issues, trauma must be resolved in a compassionate therapeutic setting. Once trauma has been dealt with, you can begin to fully heal and thrive again.

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Trauma is a Very Common Co-occurring Disorder Among Those who Struggle with Addictive Behaviors

  • Nearly 60% of young adults with PTSD develop substance use issues as a result.
  • 90% of women with addiction and PTSD reported at least one type of childhood abuse or neglect.
  • Among those with substance use disorders, 96.5% had experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime.

Many other studies have shown the connection between trauma and addiction, and research has also shed light on how treating trauma can improve a person’s ability to heal from addiction and mental health conditions.

What is trauma like PTSD
At BeWell drug rehabs, we focus on integrated clinical care because we believe that healing trauma is essential to untangling the complex thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that contribute to a person’s addiction and mental health struggles. Our multidisciplinary team and long-term recovery approach consists of individual and group therapy sessions, collaborative care, and family system practices.

We recognize that a variety of compassionate approaches and proven therapeutic methods may be needed to resolve trauma. We customize our treatment plans to help you or your loved one meet their own recovery goals. You will meet with an individual therapist for at least 3 times a week, along with case management meetings and family counseling sessions.

Our programs are designed so it does not end when the client discharges. We include comprehensive goal setting and planning for when you or your loved one leaves treatment, introducing you to long-term recovery programs that you could continue once you leave our program. We believe the journey only begins in residential treatment and should be supported after residential treatment ends.

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