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About Our Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers Southern California CA

Ask any addict if they fear the prospect of detox and you will be met with a resounding ‘yes’.

In fact, the fear of detox is so great for many that they have avoided treatment altogether, sometimes with fatal results. We know this to be true, and as such our detox process remains a very focused part of our program.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Does Not Have to be Scary

Our treatment program is specially designed to help adults recover with drug and alcohol related problems as quickly as possible. This treatment is focused at clients who are in an immediate need of a sub-acute detox from alcohol and drugs in a helpful social environment in order to achieve temperance and lasting recovery.

In this detoxification treatment program, we ensure intensive monitoring, client input and regular distribution for self-directed of detoxification medications, by trained staff persons and as prescribed by the client’s physician in this is 24/7 detoxification treatment program.

At BeWell Recovery addiction treatment centers we ensure that our qualified and experienced staff shall always be present on-site of the detoxification program along with a staff members who are trained in CPR and First Aid.

The time period of this detoxification is solely depending on the individual’s needs and what is reasonably essential and recommended by the client’s physician.

At our detox center in Southern California CA, we insure that only experienced and trained staff will supervise individuals who are detoxing, our staff are specially trained in the following areas of observation:

  • Evaluation
  • Detoxification symptoms & protocols
  • Crisis procedures
  • Proper documentation
  • Referral services

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Our Full Program Description

The program is designed to serve adult males and females with drug and alcohol related problems. The program is aimed at persons who are in need of a social model detox from alcohol and drugs in a supportive environment in order to achieve sobriety.

The length of detoxification is dependent on the individual’s detox needs and what is deemed necessary by the client’s independent physician and Detox Staff. After an initial stabilization period, Clients will be transitioned to our Residential Treatment Program and encouraged to fully participate in our thirty-day social model recovery program.

Drug and alcohol detox services include intensive monitoring, client input and regular distribution for self-administration of detoxification medications, by trained staff persons and as prescribed by the client’s physician.

The detoxification program operates seven days a week, twenty- four hours a day. An alcohol and drug free environment will be maintained at all times.

Staffing of our detoxification program consists of a Head Detox Specialist and Detox Specialists who are trained to identify and address social model detoxification monitoring of a client who is experiencing detoxification and the signs and symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs including emergency procedures.

At all times there shall be present on-site of the detoxification program, a staff member who is trained in CPR and First Aid.

Dedicated Staff at our Drug and Alcohol Detox Location

Our drug and alcohol detox staff members are specifically trained in the following areas of observation: Evaluation; detoxification symptoms and protocols, crisis procedures; proper documentation; and, referral services. Only qualified and trained staff will monitor and/or supervise individuals receiving detoxification treatment services and at no time, under any circumstances is a client allowed to fulfill these requirements or any other duties required of paid/volunteer staff. Clients shall never be used to fulfill any regulatory requirement for job duties.

At least one staff member is specifically assigned to the observation of detoxification clients at all times during a client’s initial twelve hours of undergoing detoxification services. The assigned staff physically checks each client for breathing by a face-to-face physical observation at least once every 30 minutes. Client monitoring includes the physical checking of client’s vital signs: Breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and state of orientation.

More Than Just a Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

The drug and alcohol detox centers staff play close observation beyond the initial twelve hours for as long as the withdrawal symptoms warrant. Documentation of all staff observations and physical checks are recorded in a systematic manner in the client’s file (Detox Monitoring Log). If, after the initial twelve hours, or any other time it is determined that client requires more specialized care, the client’s documented medical physician is notified immediately. This ensures that the client is safe or may need more services than BeWell Recovery Detox Southern California can provide. A referral to an acute hospital is made to provide more specialized care to help with the withdrawal symptoms. Every referral is documented in the client’s file. If during the course of recovery or treatment services, the client is assessed and determined to be in need of additional services, BeWell Recovery Centers will provide the client with a referral to the appropriate services.

Learn More About our Drug and Alcohol Detox

BeWell Recovery drug rehab maintains and makes available to clients a current list of resources within the community that offers additional services that are not provided within the program. Program policies and procedures identify the conditions under which referrals are made. For each client for whom a referral is made, an entry is made in the client’s file, documenting the procedure for making the referral, and following-up with the referral and the agency to which the referral was made.

To learn more about BeWell Recovery Centers Detox Programs and Treatments or to receive assistance in determining the relevant detox program or treatment for you or your loved one, contact our medical detox center in Southern California now. Our professional team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to help you or a loved one overcome addiction and start a new life free from drugs and alcohol: call (866) 317-8395 right now to speak with a rehab advisor.

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