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Addiction Treatment Phases

Three Stages to Recovery

At BeWell Recovery Centers we offer the best detox and rehab programs to fight alcohol and drug addiction and return back to normal drug-free life. We understand that the path to recovery is never exactly the same for any two individuals, therefore our programs are designed individually, depending on the situation of our client, the severity and type of addiction. Our professional staff offers three stages of addiction treatment program, which will help recovery and support relapse prevention.


Most drug and almost all alcohol addictions require preliminary detoxification before the actual treatment starts. Our highly qualified personal, after a private meeting with you will developed a detox program to help you or your loved ones get the toxic substances out of the body. The detox program of BeWell Recovery Centers helps to treat the addiction to drugs, ease the symptoms of drug withdrawal and minimize the risk of relapse. This service is called to prepare the patient for the other stages of drug addiction treatment.


Alcoholism and drug addiction are serious problems, which require professional interference. Detox program developed by BeWell Recovery Centers is only the first step towards recovery. Therefore we offer our clients inpatient alcohol and drug rehab programs designed by the professional team of ours. Our residential rehab program includes group and individual counseling, individual assignments as well as various trainings, such as life skill trainings, relapse prevention trainings and the like.

Recovery and Maintenance

Even after our clients have undergone the proper detox and rehab programs, we still keep an eye on them. Recovery process may take weeks, months and in some cases even years. Sometimes this can be very easy, but in some cases people are not able to withstand the temptation. That is why, at BeWell Recovery Centers we offer post-rehab follow-up programs, therapy sessions for our clients.

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Phases of Treatment

Detoxification is the first step in addiction recovery

Your medical care starts when you walk in the front door of our facility. Our experienced team will collect your vital information, assess your medical history, and perform a complete physical exam. We do this to create a treatment plan that best suits you.

During this step you are overseen by licensed physicians who will administer medications to control the withdrawal symptoms. You’ll be monitored 24/7 to ensure your safety. It’s our goal to make this stage of the treatment as comfortable as possible.

The detoxification phase is different for each person. It depends on a variety of factors. These include the types of substances used, the length of time the person has abused the substances, and the physical and mental health capabilities of the person in need of help. This phase may last from four to ten days.

Residential Inpatient Treatment

Gone are the days of being locked in a hospital ward for substance abuse treatment with 100 other people. Our residential inpatient treatment is a modern approach to rehab. In fact, insurance companies have all recognized residential treatment as a sound practice and insurance will cover our state-of-the-art Residential Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Center.

Here we provide our clients with structured 24-hour care under the supervision of trained medical professionals. A typical day includes individual therapy, multiple group therapies, exercise, meals, reading, meditation, and some personal time. A primary reason our residential treatment center is successful is the higher level of individualized care you will receive there. Including your stay in Detox this phase usually lasts up to 30 days.

Extended Care (PHP – IOP)

Some clients require or desire more than a 30-day treatment program. Our extended care program typically last 60-90 days. The technical term for this period of recovery is (PHP) Partial Hospitalization then (IOP) Intensive Outpatient.

The positive behaviors you adopt during this stage of treatment can make all the difference in your outlook as you continuously work towards sobriety. Once you have successfully completed this stage of your substance abuse treatment program, you are ready to embark on the final phase: outpatient treatment.

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