Substance Abuse Treatment Los Angeles

Substance abuse rehab treatment is a complex and painful process. However, at BeWell Recovery we know that it is even more mortifying to lead a life of excess that not only affects the individual but also their environment. 

Finding addiction treatment centers for outpatient drug rehab can be time-consuming if you do not have the required information regarding the types of substance abuse treated at such medical centers and the treatment programs they offer.

Drug addiction can be a part of anyone’s life, and in the United States it is becoming more prevalent. This is especially true for the use of prescription drugs by people who work long hours.

That is why today we offer you a series of types of substances that are commonly used by addicts and that we treat. Feel welcome if help is what you are looking for yourself or a family member or friend in need of rehabilitation. 

Types of substances that we treat

  • Opioid addiction: primarily heroin and morphine use. Also within this group are substances such as oxycodone, hydrocodone and fentanyl.
  • Synthetic drug addiction: includes bath salts, MDMA, synthetic cannabinoids and other chemically developed substances that have intense psychoactive properties.
  • Methamphetamine addiction: this is a powerful stimulant. Its addiction is notorious for dramatic highs and lows and damage to a person’s physical appearance.
  • Amphetamine addiction: commercially known as Adderall and Dexedrine are stimulants that can be highly addictive when used addictively.
  • Prescription drug addiction: commonly used medications are Xanax and Valium. The danger here is using a dose that can inadvertently lead to death. 
  • Drug and alcohol addiction: The merger between drugs and alcohol is commonly used. Many people tend to make use of it as it leads to a much higher sense of stimulation.

What types of therapies or treatments do we offer to treat those addictions?

Within therapy there is an extensive field of methods, approaches and interventions to help substance abusers with their mental and emotional needs. However, not all patients are the same and that is why we offer a diverse range of therapies to aid in the addiction recovery process:

– Cognitive behavioral

– Family therapies

– Dialectical behavior

– Neurofeedback

– Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing

– Yoga, artistic ability and equine therapy

During your stay at BeWell Recovery, you will be assigned a primary mental health therapist who will meet with you once or twice a week depending on the type of method you have been prescribed. You will also have a family therapist who will assist you in creating a life plan, improving your communication skills and helping to repair the damage from your addiction.

If you are interested in learning more about these therapy methods or in trying them, please contact us Bewell Recovery is one of the best treatment centers in Los Angeles, if you or one of your loved ones are addicted to any of these drugs or substances, you can write to our email: or call our phone line (866 – 317 8395).

Substance Abuse Treatment Los Angeles

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Substance Abuse Treatment Los Angeles

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