Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Centers

If you are a substance abuser or the family member of a substance abuser and you are about to seek help to treat your addiction problem, you are probably wondering: What is it like to be in an addiction treatment center? And what can I expect from an addiction treatment program? 

As a general answer to these concerns from BeWell Recovery, we advise that therapy is the best treatment to work with and manage drug addiction. It is the healthiest path with proven results by experts in the field. 

The Stay

The stay in a treatment center is designed to provide the addicted person with an environment conducive to recovery. At our various locations throughout the state of California, we have trained medical professionals on staff to assist you in overcoming your addiction problem. 

The length of stay at the site will depend on the assessment made by the medical experts who are trained to handle the addiction situation. The rehabilitation service involves continuous monitoring of the patient’s situation, contributions and progress, as well as the regular provision of detoxification medications, by trained personnel and as prescribed by the doctor assigned to the patient.

The program operates throughout the week, twenty-four hours a day, and the patient will be in a healthy environment free of alcohol and drugs at all times. The spaces are staffed by personnel trained in detoxification, staff members specialized in first aid and CPR. 

On the other hand, there is the post-treatment process that takes place when the person has finished his or her stay at the addiction treatment center. In this case the patient will attend the clinic where he/she received the first treatment. The visits will take place five times a week and their frequency will decrease when progress is evident. Patients will then be called for therapeutic and educational group meetings. 

Monitoring will continue as long as necessary and considered by the medical team that treated the addiction.


BeWell Recovery offers a high-quality outpatient drug rehab program. Our primary motive is to help the addict and their environment. This is what has made us one of the top superior rehab centers in Los Angeles, California. 

We offer much more than a place to stay and then monitor those who make use of our services. At our facility, the addict will find a new home and be surrounded by people interested in healing. 

Our medical team will develop an individual recovery plan for you or your loved one. Many rehab centers make the mistake of using generalized methods and end up harming the patient, causing them to enter a cycle of burnout and suffering. 

In the course of the stay and subsequent monitoring we will help you overcome possible periods of relapse, conduct periodic drug testing and organize motivational meetings.

If you are in Los Angeles you will find BeWell Recovery a place to heal. Do not hesitate to contact our services through our email address inforbewellnetwork.com or our phone number 866-317-8365.

Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Centers

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Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Centers

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