Drug Treatment Centers Los Angeles

Attending our drug treatment centers in Los Angeles not only optimizes your chances of getting sober but also equips you with critical coping skills for a successful life after rehab. BeWell Recovery is a renowned rehab for inpatient treatment with an efficient clinical team and hundreds of positive reviews. Here’s what our facility offers compared to other centers:

  • Evidence-based treatments

Evidence-based therapies refer to psychotherapies that offer promising results in recovery. As one of the top-rated addiction treatment centers in LA, we use proven psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, etc., to help individuals battling addiction attain improved mental wellness alongside sobriety.

  • Multiple levels of care

Unlike an outpatient drug rehab, we offer multiple levels of care. Our rehab center provides the best medical detox treatment and highly effective inpatient programs. Medical detox as a standalone treatment may not benefit you much in the long term. Also, inpatient treatment without detox may not guarantee long-lasting success with sobriety. As one of the top rehab centers in Los Angeles, our step-by-step treatment process ensures a safe and successful recovery for our clients and strengthens their commitment to sobriety in the long term.

  • Focus on underlying health issues

Substance abuse disorders often stem from underlying mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. Unless you receive treatment for the root cause of addiction, you may not attain comprehensive recovery from your behavioral and mental health issues. Ranked among the top treatment centers in Los Angeles, we get to the crux of your behavioral disorder and treat the underlying psychiatric problems to prevent relapse in the future. We use innovative psychotherapies and proven techniques to help our clients attain holistic recovery from their substance abuse disorder.

  • A compassionate clinical team

Our clinical staff possesses several years of experience, and the skill level of our clinical staff says a lot about our service quality. We have the most dedicated team of doctors, RNs, and behavioral therapists, who work on a 1-on-1 basis with each of our clients throughout their recovery journey.

  • Holistic and experiential therapies

While most treatment centers in Los Angeles use evidence-based therapies alone to address and treat addiction, we use a combination of holistic treatments and science-based therapies to help our clients attain their wellness goals. We engage our recovering addicts in art therapy, group therapy, music therapy, etc., and help them work through their problems. These hands-on and engaging activities help patients cope with past trauma and enable them to work through their repressed emotions.

  • Low relapse rates

Our highly effective addiction treatment programs make us one of the most successful rehabs in LA. We have the lowest relapse rates and the highest patient retention numbers.

Verify your insurance with us at 866-317-8395. BeWell Recovery can pave your path towards sobriety and guide you towards your wellness goals. As one of the pioneer drug treatment centers in Los Angeles, our treatment approach has helped hundreds of recovering addicts start fresh. Do not be a slave of your behavioral disorder anymore. Call us now.

Drug Treatment Centers Los Angeles

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Drug Treatment Centers Los Angeles

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