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Finding an Addictions Treatment Center that is In Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield

Dr. Edward A. Selby

Finding an Addictions Treatment Center that is In Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield

Insurance coverage for behavioral health care is a complex issue that can fluster many patients and families. This is why BeWell Treatment Centers will help interested patients sort out the details of their insurance coverage with a no-pressure, risk-free confidential, consultation. Using you Blue Cross Blue Shield In Network Insurance coverage for substance abuse treatment can save you a lot of money. But even with the offer of a risk-free consultation, some patients and families may still understandably be reluctant to take advantage of such consultation. Treating addiction can be a very sensitive issue! That’s why in today’s post I want to highlight one of the best behavioral health care insurance options patients can have for addictions treatment, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and help potential patients and families understand how to find the right kind of addictions treatment center that will accept Blue Cross Blue Shield. Likewise, because in one study over 56% of adults reported having difficulty locating an In Network behavioral health provider (Long & Aarons, 2018), this post also aims to help potential patients and families identify Blue Cross Blue Shield In Network Treatment centers.

Why is Blue Cross Blue Shield a preferred insurance provider for In Network behavioral health treatment?

At BeWell Treatment Centers there are several reasons we consider Blue Cross Blue Shield for behavioral healthcare coverage, along with similar to notch insurance programs, reasons for which I’ll go into more detail below. In general, Blue Cross is frequently considered one of the top five insurance plans nationally. External rating agencies such as the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) have awarded Blue Cross top ratings among health plans based on member satisfaction, access to high-quality primary and specialty care, and the effectiveness of program wellness and prevention efforts. However, even if an insurance program is highly rated for standard medical care, that doesn’t necessarily mean the provider will do well on the behavioral health care side, which includes addictions. Unfortunately, behavioral health tends to be less consistent across insurance plans (Mark et al., 2018). But this is not the case with Blue Cross Blue Shield, which frequently stands out among health insurance companies in its dedication to improving patient mental health!

Besides Saving Money Why go In Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Without going into too much detail regarding the benefits of In Network Blue Cross versus Out of Network Blue Cross insurance coverage, typically the best coverage options are going to involve In Network treatment where a specific treatment center is considered part of the insurance plan’s “network.” Out of network coverage can still make sense in many situations, but for now, I’m going to focus on In Network coverage. The benefits of In Network coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield are many, but to summarize most Blue Cross plans typically will cover emergency mental health care, individual psychotherapy, applied behavior analysis, group therapy, residential treatment, psychotropic medication, and even some neurophysiological procedures such as transcranial magnetic stimulation. So, Blue Cross Blue Shield In Network treatment centers are going to give you the most comprehensive coverage and access to the widest range of behavioral health treatment options.

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What to look for in a Blue Cross Blue Shield In Network Treatment Center

When Blue Cross Blue Shield selects a treatment center for In Network inclusion, they do so based on a number of essential factors, including the provision of appropriate treatment services, reliable and well-trained staff, staff possessing appropriate treatment certification, and overall accreditation of a treatment center by medical accrediting bodies such as the Joint Commission. In terms of behavioral health providers, strong addictions recovery programs will have traditional medical providers (physicians, nursing staff), but they will also have behavioral health professionals with many different certifications (licensed psychologist, mental health counselor, marriage and family therapist, licensed chemical dependency counselor, certified alcohol and drug counselor, etc.). Typically insurance panels require professionals with the appropriate certifications to cover any treatment procedures, which is another benefit to going In Network for treatment!

What levels of care are available with Blue Cross Blue Shield In Network Treatment Centers?

Sometimes potential patients and families are unaware of the varying treatment levels offered by a treatment center, and some patients may respond better with different levels of care. For example, at BeWell Network we have several inpatient and outpatient levels of care. Inpatient care, also called residential care, can involve short-term emergency stays lasting a few days if a patient is at immediate risk, or they can involve longer, intensive treatment stays that can last for many weeks. Some treatment centers also have various levels of outpatient program that can include partial hospitalization, where patients spend most of their days at the treatment center but return home or to a managed facility for evenings and weekends. Outpatient services can also include less intensive care, with individual and group therapy options, as well as medication management and other medical services.

So then, of all of these many options discuss, what level of care does Blue Cross Blue Shield typically cover? The short answer is: All of them! Again, this is why Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of our preferred insurance providers since with this kind of In Network coverage we can provide patients with practically any relevant treatment option prescribed by our mental health care staff.

How do you find a Blue Cross Blue Shield In Network treatment center?

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of In Network treatment coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield, how do you go about finding an In Network treatment center? Fortunately, Blue Cross Blue Shield makes the search process easy by providing an online doctor and treatment center search program. If you travel to this website and enter your location and insurance plan, the program will help you identify all relevant In Network options! Using the information above about staff certifications and levels of treatment, you’re now ready to identify the best option for your or a loved one’s recovery from addiction.



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