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What Happens in Rehab

Your Schedule in Addiction Treatment

At BeWell Recovery drug rehabs Southern California, California, we provide personalized experiences to help you heal from addiction and mental health conditions. Your treatment schedule is unique to your needs. Most drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers take clients on a general treatment track that is not flexible. But our approach is intentional. We customize treatment in order to help you find your path to long-term recovery.

Here’s what your personalized schedule could look like:

Traditional drug and alcohol addiction treatment may include individual therapy sessions up to 5 times a week. In our center, we scale your sessions up or down depending on what you need. We believe that if you need more time with your therapist, we should create space for that.

Based on your goals, we put together programs and therapies that support your healing process. Sometimes this means adding sober coaching, involving the family in more ways, or carving out more time for reflection or experiential therapies.

We believe family systems are the “glue” that can help a person’s long-term recovery. So we incorporate family and/or friends on a regular basis, going far beyond traditional family weekends or sessions. Family therapy plays an important role in the recovery process. We aim to build out your support system to help in your recovery long after treatment is over.

Example of a Daily Schedule in Residential Treatment

Your schedule may include a mix of individual therapy, group therapies, expressive therapies, education, AA/NA meetings, wellness sessions and entertainment. And based on specific needs, schedules will vary but in general, you’ll spend anywhere between 13 to 15 hours in treatment per day and it would look like this:

Time Activity
6:15 am Wake up / Breakfast
7:00 am Exercise
8:00 am Goals Setting Group
9:30 am Self-care and Wellness
11:00 am Group Sessions
12:00 pm Family Therapy
1:00 pm Lunch break
2:30 pm Individual Therapy or Experiential Therapies
4:00 pm Education
5:00 pm Reflections from the Day
6:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Recovery Meetings
8:30 pm Clean & Sober Structured Activities & Entertainment
10:00 pm Bedtime

Weekly Schedules

Clients in our residential treatment centers follow a highly structured program that allows them to be fully engaged in their treatment, with limited down time during daylight hours.

Client schedules are customized to address the unique treatment needs of each individual and tailored to address not only the addiction, but also the wellness of the mind, body and spirit.

Once residential treatment is completed, it’s important that you maintain a set schedule as you transition back into the “real world.” Our staff will help you structure a daily schedule that best benefits your ongoing recovery.

This is a sample schedule. Based on what you need, your weekly schedule may look a little different.

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