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Adderall Detox & Recovery

Like many other drug and alcohol addictions, an addiction to Adderall requires relevant and vigilant treatment. As one of the leading male and female-oriented detox and rehab programs in the Southern California area, BeWell Recovery Centers offer the highest quality, medically supervised treatment for overcoming Adderall addiction and abuse. We ensure you or your loved one on-time and quick assistance in case of unpredicted situations during the detox and addiction treatment process.

Adderall, also referred to as the “smart drug” has many psychological and physical outcomes. The drug is commonly prescribed to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) among adults, teens, and children, as well as to overcome narcolepsy.

However Adderall is highly abused in the U.S. due to its non-medical benefits: increased focus, appetite suppression, need of decreased sleep and others.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Adderall is specifically popular among college campuses; about 6.4 percent of full-time college students have used this stimulant non-medically.

Non-medical use and lack of supervision is when Adderall dependence and addiction can start. If you or a loved one is showing signs of being addicted to Adderall, the first step in recovery is to start looking for a detox and treatment center that can provide the care and support needed to overcome withdrawal symptoms and start living a healthier life. Fortunately, there is no need to go far, at BeWell Recovery Centers we offer individually designed detox and rehab programs to help manage the symptoms of Adderall withdrawal and live a life without the need for drugs, well after the detoxification process has ended.

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Adderall Treatment & Rehab

After completing our detox program patients at BeWell Recovery Centers for Adderall addiction or abuse transition into an around-the-clock drug treatment program. This individual rehab program includes both one-on-one and group therapy sessions and tasks specially designed to help our patients heal. A major focus of the recovery program is helping patients learn to understand and manage the triggers that may cause them to relapse when they depart treatment.

Adderall Withdrawal Symptoms and Timeline

Depending on the method of intake and duration of use, those trying to overcome an Adderall addiction may experience different withdrawal side effects. We understand that each detox period is unique and therefore we offer an individualized treatment approach to our clients. In general, the Adderall withdrawal process can be divided into three major periods: short, intermediate and long-term detox.

Although many of the withdrawal symptoms during Adderall detox will be overcome during the first week, as the drug is a stimulant symptoms may not reveal themselves within the first few days but during the ones that follow. In some cases detoxing from Adderall may take several weeks or even months.

While recovery could look different for each case below is the timeline of withdrawal symptoms those in Adderall detox often go through on their road to recovery:

DAY 1-3

As the human body gradually starts working the Adderall out of its system, withdrawal symptoms begin to present themselves. Some of the typical symptoms experienced during this stage are intense fatigue, oversleeping and drug cravings. The most severe symptoms during this time are depression and disorientation. At BeWell Recovery Centers, our professionals will help you overcome these symptoms gradually and as painlessly as possible as you continue into the next phase of detox.

DAY 4-7

During the first week of detox some normality may happen, however this effect is only temporary and can be followed by strong Adderall cravings and sleep pattern disorders. Some of the general symptoms during this stage include anhedonia, intense drug craving, depression, exhaustion, extreme fatigue and excessive sleepiness.

DAY 8-14

Once the first week has concluded many of the severe symptoms may pass but some minor side effects could still occur. Some of these minor withdrawal symptoms include fatigue or exhaustion, depression, unpleasant and vivid dreams, insomnia or hypersomnia, increased appetite, slowed or quickened psychomotor response, and/or irritability.

Day 15 and Beyond

After the first two weeks of Adderall detox some still suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as pathy, irritability, and depression. Additionally, long periods or disturbances in sleep are still reported.

At BeWell Recovery Centers we provide safe and controlled medical detoxification to our patients in a protective environment with 24-hours access to medical support and services. We ensure that our highly-qualified and trained medical personnel will be there every step of the way to help ensure the Adderall detox process is as comfortable as possible for you or a loved one. Among the Adderall withdrawal symptoms, many experience psychological side effects during treatment. Although there are no medications approved to be used during the detox process, in many cases antidepressants may be used to help overcome depression and suicidal thoughts, which commonly occur when detoxing from substances like Adderall. The detox period can be stressful and patients in recovery may also feel nervousness; this is when anti-anxiety and mood-stabilizers may also be of help.

Aftercare Recovery Program

Even after our patients leave treatment, they benefit from ongoing follow-up support and care from our aftercare rehab program, including meetings with their therapists or visits to support groups. At BeWell Recovery Centers, we work hard to transform lives, helping our patients reach happier and more rewarding lives free from Adderall dependence.

From the day you walk into our center and start the detox process, go through our rehab programs and after treatment with aftercare support; the team at BeWell Recovery Centers will be there for you or your loved one during the whole process.

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