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Why Choose BeWell

The Top Reasons Why You Should Come to Treatment at BeWell Drug Rehabs Southern California

#1 – Our Staff Are Genuine — and They Genuinely Care About You.

Our drug rehab Southern California alumni can attest that our staff members are compassionate and genuine. Some of our staff have been through the recovery process themselves — they understand exactly where you’re coming from, the pain you’re dealing with, your challenges, and the life-change you can experience. They are there to walk with you each step of the way, offering honest wisdom, care, and support to help you along the path to healing from addiction and mental health conditions.

#2 – You’ll Receive a Curated Treatment Experience Designed Especially for You.

At BeWell Network drug rehabs Southern California, we offer you the opportunity to have truly distinct experiences that foster ownership of your recovery and a path for sustaining long-term wellness. Most drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers take clients on a general treatment track that is not typically flexible. But our approach is intentional and versatile. Your schedule may include a mix of individual therapy, group therapies, expressive therapies, 12-Step meetings, education, and wellness sessions. Each person’s journey to healing is unique, which is why we diligently tailor the treatment experience for every individual.

#3 – You Can Attend Individual Sessions Up to 5 Times a Week.

Traditional drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers may include individual sessions anywhere from one to three times a week — but at BeWell drug rehabs Southern California, we scale individual sessions up or down, even up to five times a week, depending on what you need. We believe that if you need more time with your therapist or case manager, we should create space for that in your schedule.

#4 – We Have a Professional, Qualified Team.

Our California addiction treatment centers are led and facilitated by a professional, qualified team who are seasoned in research-backed therapies. Their experience in implementing best practices combined with their depth of education regarding innovative, compassionate treatment methods means that BeWell can offer you the very best chance to rediscover your authentic self and thrive again.

#5 – We Have Expertise in Treating Co-occurring Addiction and Mental Health Conditions.

What are co-occurring disorders? Addiction and mental health issues are often intertwined, and our substance abuse treatment team is equipped to treat both conditions in the same setting. Our highly experienced leaders and staff utilize evidence-based treatment methods to help you resolve trauma and begin a fulfilling life in recovery. We have the expertise and credentials to foster your journey to long-term healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

#6 – We Practice Trauma-Informed Addiction Care.

We focus on trauma-informed care at BeWell drug rehabs Southern California because we believe that healing trauma is essential to untangling the complex thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that contribute to a person’s addiction and mental health struggles. Trauma-informed care is commonly misconstrued as disclosing of traumatic storylines or even re-triggering the psyche, but that is not a model we utilize at BeWell. We recognize that a variety of compassionate approaches and proven therapeutic methods may be needed to resolve trauma. We’re committed to finding safe pathways into the psyche so that trauma can be resolved and you can find holistic healing.

#7 – We Focus on Intergenerational Family Dynamics, Family Engagement, and Family Therapy.

At BeWell drug rehabs Southern California, we recognize that families need healing, not just the person in treatment. Trauma is often passed down within families — and for healing to take place, everyone must recognize how to participate, grow, adapt, and support one another. That’s why we go far beyond the traditional family therapy approach. From your very first call to our team, we are on the phone with your family to create alignment and understanding. We coach families throughout the treatment process, help them participate in positive ways, and equip them for dealing with the “what if’s” during and after your treatment. We also provide a safe atmosphere for family members to express themselves, heal, and become a support system for each other.

#8 – Our Drug Rehabs Southern California Centers Are Safe, Contained, Healing Environments in Attractive Home-Like Facilities.

We believe that when it comes to your recovery process, being in a healing environment matters. It’s deeply important to us that you feel safe and comfortable so that you can be open to the treatment experience. Our treatment centers are located in home-like facilities that provide an intimate, contained setting that allows you to relax and feel a sense of community with our staff and your peers in treatment. These are not impersonal, hospital-like environments; they are unique, restorative, and designed to set the scene for holistic life change.

#9 – We Provide a Full Continuum of Care (90 Day Treatment Plan).

At BeWell inpatient drug rehabs Southern California, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. We believe in partnering with you and tailoring your treatment experiences so you can thrive in recovery. We’re willing to break the bounds of traditional schedules and timelines to make long-term healing possible for each person. We provide 30-90 day treatment plans (that may even be extended based on the client’s needs) as well as a path into outpatient treatment and aftercare, offering structure and support along the way.

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